Health & Safety

Behavioural Safety:
Many view behavioural safety as the way forward to ensuring your health & safety in the workplace. If your focus is still on a safe environment, safe equipment and trained staff, why are accidents still happening? Our Behavioural Safety training takes your team beyond the safety plateau and focuses on your safety performance.

Our interactive training focuses on:

  • Employee participation
  • Near misses should not be the trigger for action.
  • Management and employee focus groups
  • Workplace assessments, observation and coaching


Accident Investigation:
Sometimes things go wrong and the implications on individuals and your business can be long lasting. Life Paradigm can offer a quick response to investigate incidents thoroughly, assist you to manage the aftermath and critically debrief all involved as well as provide advice and recommendations to prevent reoccurrence.


Risk Assessments:
Absolutely critical to your health & safety culture and a legislative requirement. Life Paradigm will work with you to compile all of your risk assessments, DSE, manual handling and COSHH requirements.


Health and Safety Policy Preparation:
If your company has five or more employees you are required by law to have a written health & safety policy. This must contain a signed statement of intent, roles and responsibilities and specific arrangements for management of health & safety in the workplace. We can work with you to produce a bespoke policy.

Security Suite

Security Reviews:
You may already have a security regime in place, but does it STILL meet your needs? How do you know? Life Paradigm are able to complete a comprehensive security survey to your specific requirements and identify gaps in your regime as well as highlighting good practice and procedures. Part of this procedure includes not just the physical security measures but also guard force motivation and management strength; crucial if you subcontract your security to an outside provider.

Upon completion of the survey you will receive a detailed report containing the following:

  • Executive summary
  • Key areas of concern
  • Recommendations (prioritised)
  • Action plan

And crucially we will provide a presentation to confirm the details in the written report.


Penetration Tests:
Life Paradigm are specialists when it comes to completing penetration tests of your facility.  We provide a full, detailed report on our findings with photographic/video evidence of the penetration and comply with your instructions to the letter.  Two tests are offered;

Soft penetration – consisting of testing your physical security measures but retracting if challenged or confronted.
Hard Penetration – consisting of testing not only the physical security measures but also the security team, electronic security and being persistent without causing damage to any structures, fencing etc.


Threat and Risk for the Business Traveller:
The world is a small place and commerce never stops.  As a global traveller you may have to travel into areas to give you a competitive edge but some travel will come with dangers dependant on the areas.
Life paradigm will provide you with up to date information about the known and emergent threats in the area into which you are intending to travel.  We have access to a number of intelligence sources and, dependent upon the threat level, can offer training in emergency action in the event of confrontation.  This service extends to include whilst you are travelling with daily briefing information emailed, text, telephoned if required.


Terrorism Awareness:
A must for any business operating in today’s global economy.  We will provide awareness around the following

  • Current action groups and how/why they may target your company
  • Identifying hostile reconnaissance
  • Security Procedures
  • Post incident Management

Leadership Suite

Supervisory Skills:
Give your company a clear head start over your commercial rivals by investing in your greatest asset: your people. Do your team have the performance, behaviour skills and capabilities to inspire and engage them in pursuit of ‘the vision’? Life Paradigm offer courses for those managers just starting their career to more advanced levels to refresh and up skill established team leaders, supervisors and senior management.

On our courses your team will learn

  • Why leadership is essential no matter if you’re a small team or a corporation
  • The differences between leadership and management
  • Leadership characteristics, styles and models
  • Setting, engaging and delivering the vision
  • Motivating the team and yourself
  • Managing performance at every level
  • How to give clear unambiguous leadership, and avoid conflict
  • Engender an open communication process in the team


Interactive Leadership
Your people are your biggest asset and you can be present but have no presence! Our interactive leadership programme is tailor made to bring your leadership, drive and ambition to the fore and enable your team to see, feel and hear the benefits of your leadership.


Advanced Management
“Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm”- Pubilius Syrus 43 AD

Every business faces commercial problems at some time. The advanced management course will give you the skills to help you steer through these issues and develop your management skills to identify and divert future threats before they become an issue


Performance Management
The sustained performance of your business is crucial in today’s economy and performance management is not just about galvanising your team towards achieving the vision. It is also about monitoring your individual and team performance and linking the results to your business strategy. Life Paradigm can help you with proven performance models and tools to maintain and improve your position.


Customer Service

Without doubt customer services is an area which can enhance or ruin your business reputation.  That first impression is crucial.  Life Paradigm can help you secure immediate and long lasting business relationships.  We offer 2 courses.


Introducing Customer Services
Aimed at your new team members, they will learn

  • How to build rapport easily and effortlessly
  • How to positively influence your clients experiences
  • Using the telephone as a way to engage your customers quickly.
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Turning lose-lose into win-win!


Advanced Customer Services
For existing customer service agents.  This course will refresh and up skill your team to take your customer services to a new level.  They will learn

  • How to build and sustain relationships with your customers
  • Strengthen links with clients both inside and outside your organisation
  • Deal with internal and external conflict


Professional Coaching:
Coaching is provided both to Individual clients who wish to change their lifestyle and corporate clients who want to bring about change either in their working practices, work environment or even within groups and teams in their organisation.

Coaching is a positive ongoing relationship which enables clients to deepen their understanding of themselves, identify areas for development and change, and to bring about those changes. Coaching will help you to gain clarity of thought, focus in on underlying issues and propel you towards a succesful outcome.

Benefits of coaching can include:

  • Improved sense of direction and purpose
  • Increased self awareness
  • Improved ability to influence others
  • Increased motivation and personal effectiveness
  • Increased resilience
  • Removing self limiting beliefs

Coaching is also very effective in the following areas:

  • Sports performance
  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • Motivation
  • Beliefs and Values
  • Interview preparation

What happens?
You will meet with your coach to discuss your issues, and together will agree a strategy for success.

Additional sessions
Coaching is an ongoing relationship and is usually provided over a number of sessions. You are always in control of the amount of sessions which can be terminated at your discretion.


Neuro Linguistic Programming
NLP is concerned with how we think (Neuro), how we interpret our experiences through language (Linguistic) and how this affects our patterns of thinking and behaviour (Programming). The use of NLP techniques will enable you to confidently transform the way you think, behave and react to life and to those around you. You will see, hear and feel many positive differences. NLP integrates with both Coaching and Hypnosis seamlessly, and techniques often combine elements of all three which will provide you with more choice and the ability to choose how you respond both emotionally and physically to any situation.

NLP can help in the following areas:

  • Self confidence
  • Weight loss
  • Anxiety and stress reduction
  • Anger management
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Self limiting beliefs
  • Habits and Compulsions
  • Relationship issues
  • Insomnia
  • Issues from the past
  • Stage fright
  • Sexual dysfunction
    And much more…

What happens?
You will initially have a consultation lasting approximately 30 minutes. This is completely free of charge, and together we will consider and agree the most appropriate way forward to achieve your desired outcome. A number of techniques may be employed including the use of ‘Time Line Therapy’TM.

Additional sessions
Some additional sessions may be necessary and this depends entirely upon you and the nature of your issue.


Hypnosis is a completely natural state and is an excellent method for bringing about real and positive change in your life.

Hypnosis can help you with the following:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Phobias
  • Weight management
  • Addictions
  • Lack of confidence and self esteem
  • Pain management
  • Unwanted habits
  • Sleep disorders
  • Public speaking
  • Sports performance
  • Irritable bowel syndrome and many more……………

What happens?
You will initially have a consultation lasting approximately 30 minutes. During this time you will agree with the therapist exactly what changes you would like to make and you will be given a full explanation of how hypnosis works. You are under no obligation to take any treatment. If you do decide to carry on, you will then receive your first hypnotherapy session. Typically, you will be encouraged to relax and make yourself comfortable as you are guided through your first hypnotic session and you will remain in full and complete control throughout the process. It’s as simple as that!

Additional sessions
Some additional sessions may be necessary and this depends entirely upon you and the nature of your issue. Many clients feel that changes have been successfully made in just one session whilst others require several sessions to fully integrate the positive changes. Subsequent session usually last approximately 1 hour and you will receive a free CD or MP3 of your session to further help you to achieve your goal.